Basic Steps When Choosing The Perfect Storage Facility For Your Removal Boxes

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Begin with the search by strolling through the sites of the local storage companies in your neighborhood. Sometimes it`s easier to contact the agency or even to make an appointment to discuss the details of the storage units. Yet it should be easier for accessing your storage room if it`s located in a facility a few streets distance from your home or office. Then begins the tricky part – the choice of the right storage space for your belongings. 

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A great step is to measure the exact shapes, weight, and volume of the removal objects. Whether it comes to only a couple of huge boxes with items from just one room or for dozens of giant boxes and containers with items from a four-bedroom house – there is a perfect fit for your taste and needs. The right choice is quite easier when you know what exactly you`re about to move in the storage room. For instance, pile the light objects in one corner of the room or get yourself storage boxes, containers and box kits to collect the items. Then, measure the shapes of each box or make a trial arrangement or pile the boxes in a way that they should stay in the storage room. You will definitely get a better overlook of what type and size of storage room are needed.

Then, take a look in your storage company`s site and more exactly, check out all the possible storage spaces for hiring. You may want to reserve your favorite one just to make sure that it will be free when you need it and so another good idea is to make this review at least a week in advance. Make a reservation. Or else, go see the storage room and discuss with the storage company all the details about it. From the size of the door to the location of the elevator in the building – all that`s important for yourself should be discussed in advance too. Decide whether you will lock the door with your own locking pad or you will buy one from the company. Check out the lights, the air-conditioning system if any, etc.

Ask the agents in the storage facility about the accessibility. The best option is if they offer a 24/7 access to the storage rooms, but most of the companies have a schedule like a usual working time. Then, ask about the access with a vehicle – whether there is drive-in access or it`s only with an elevator, or both. You may want to reserve a storage room with a rollup door as large as the width of your car, if there is drive-in access.

Ask the agency if they offer a free inspection of the storage room before moving in your items or even before making the reservation. At this step, you may want to see the true visual volume of the storage space and so to decide whether your items will fit in or not. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a storage company, it’s a good idea to check out the information they have on their website first. One website you could consider visiting is, where you might find information about the storage spaces they offer. By doing some research beforehand, you can make a more informed decision about which storage company might be the best fit for your needs. 

Another great idea to facilitate your choice is to have a snapshot of the piled items and boxes in your home. Take several photos from every angle and get the photos with yourself during the inspection. This will help you to remember the exact volume and sizes of the objects for storage. Don`t forget to keep in mind that a tiny narrow passage is a very important thing to keep in mind when making an imaginary arrangement of the storage space. It`s usually in the middle and alongside the storage room, like a narrow corridor, which allows you to access every side of the room.

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