Watching Sports from your Mobile


Sports and die-hard fans go hand-in-hand and supporters hate to miss their favorite games when they’re on the move. With so many sporting events happening across the globe, we want the luxury of watching them all from a reliable provider, no matter where we are. Thankfully for us sports fans, the mobile world has caught up and providers are now offering apps so that you can keep satisfying your sports. Choose from our list of sports TV apps and you won’t ever have to miss that last-minute goal or the last point in a tie-break again. Get the latest information on how to watch sports from your mobile device which apps at 

Sky Sports TV

With the Sky Sports TV app, you can catch all the action from anywhere with a wi-fi connection or 3G signal. For a small subscription fee (£4.99/month) you get Sky Sports channels 1-4 as well as the Formula 1 and News channels. This means you’re spoilt for choice: Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Rugby Union, Live Test Cricket, Ryder Cup, and much more. This is an inexpensive option for someone who doesn’t want all the Sky channels and prefers to watch sports on the move. If you want to discover more about Sports TV apps, is the place to go. Learn the most recent information on the sports and teams you care about.

BT Sport

It’s not available until August, but BT sport has already attracted a lot of publicity. BT Chief Exec, Ian Livingston, stated that they were returning sport to grass root fans by offering to show Premier League matches for ‘free’, for the first time in 20 years. If you’re an existing BT customer there’s no extra cost to view sport on the BT Sport app or through a web browser. Amongst the offerings will be 38 Premier League matches, 69 Aviva Premiership rugby games, and much more.

Sky Go

If you’re already a Sky Customer and have the Sky Sports package, then the Sky Go app will let you watch all your paid-for channels for no extra cost. This means you get access to all those important sporting events from all over the world from your mobile, and the service is one of the most reliable in the sports app department. So you’ll never miss the match when you’re being made to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

BBC Iplayer

OK, it’s not strictly a sports app but from time to time the good old Beeb shows the odd football match (FA Cup, International football) or rugby game and there’s always Wimbledon fortnight of course. The mobile version of Iplayer is reliable enough to make watching live sporting action a pleasurable experience,  it’s free to download (technically, you need a TV license if you’re watching live) and you get the added advantage of all the other BBC programming.

ESPN Goals

If you’re addicted to the Premier League then ESPN goals are the app for you. Within minutes of goals happening, you can watch the clip from your phone; and with live scores, video highlights, and weekend round-ups you can keep up-to-date with all the goings-on. In-app social media functionality gives users the option of sharing video highlights with their contacts. With 380 football matches over the season, you’ll never have to miss another goal again. Learn how to watch all your favorite sports games on your mobile device with this comprehensive website . Stay up-to-date on the latest scores and never miss a game again!