The Beauty of Boulder

Beauty of Boulder real estate

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and sitting at an elevation of 5,430 feet lies Boulder, Colorado, one of the highest-ranking cities in all of the United States. Its native beauty comes from its existence in an area where the Great Plains come to an end and one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges begins. However, its geographic location has only been made more beautiful by the conservation efforts put forth by the local residents. If you want to get more details about real estate, visit this website:

A Merging of Worlds

Looking east, one will see miles and miles of flat land. To the west, slabs of stone tilt upward, creating the famous Flatirons, a long-time symbol of the area. Like much of the state, it exists in a dry climate with the temperature can be bitter during the winter but otherwise remains beautiful during the summer as the high elevation keeps temperatures lower than surrounding areas. This means hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities are commonplace ways for the residents to truly take in a natural beauty.

Nearby is Boulder Creek, named after the enormous granite boulders that fell in over the course of the passing eons. It starts its journey fed by the melting snow of the Rocky Mountains and ultimately ends in the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico. Recreationally, many fly fish, tube and wade through its stunningly clear waters.

Conservation Efforts

Beyond this enjoyable living situation is the conservation of its lands. Beginning in 1899 with the partitioning off of South Boulder Creek to Sunshine Canyon, the city has remained very controlling in regards to how the city expands. To protect the mountains, residents approved the “Blue Line”, restricting water service to anything higher than 5,750 feet as a way to prevent the mountains from being developed. In addition, there has even been a height restriction placed on buildings to maintain the view of the mountains for all residents. You can also visit this website for detailed information about buying or selling land.

Conservation doesn’t end with the natural world either and extends to protect native wildlife. Known as the Urban Wildlife Management Plan, various policies have been set in place to maintain the delicate balance of the native species. It used to be that chemical pesticides were avoided but an integrative plan was eventually introduced when mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus became a threat. In addition, any prairie dog extermination must be approved by the city. In 2005, the city tested out goats as a type of weed control. Though not entirely successful, they nevertheless have been kept on, especially in the Boulder Reservoir.

The city of Boulder, Colorado is one that speaks to every type of nature lover. With mountains and prairies merging along the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers, visitors are hard-pressed to think of a more stunning location. Further protected by its townsfolk, it’s no wonder that so many are looking for Boulder land for sale. Click here to get detailed articles about real estate.