Holidaying in Saputara – a small place in Gujarat full of splendid nature


Untouched by modernization, Saputara is an ideal destination to spend a tranquil and relaxing vacation. It is located on the highlands of Sahyadri Hill Range in the state of Gujarat and close to the border separating the parent state and Maharashtra. Visit the tribal town to explore it for real. The nearest railway station in Saputara is Waghai railway station with regular trains from other cities. Click here to read in depth articles about traveling to the north areas.

Set on the high altitude areas of Sahyadri Hill Range, Saputara is a beautiful hill station in the state of Gujarat. The elevation is about 1000 meters above the sea level and gets its name based on a religious belief. Saputara signifies the abode of snakes with locals worshipping the serpent god, particularly the images of snake that lie on the banks of Sarpganga River that flows through the lush green landscapes. Surrounded by Dang forests, it is a small town developed in a way to develop tourism industry in the region. It has a rapidly growing tourism industry and visited by large masses of tourists year long. The place is still very much tribal with several tribal communities living in the dense jungles from multiple centuries. It is the unmatched tribal essence that generates huge amounts of tourists’ interest for the place. The simple lifestyle, local folklore, dance forms, music, and culture of the tribes are the things to lookout for when visiting the hill town. Apart from that, the other allures that bewitch backpackers across India to visit the town are rich wildlife, adventure sports, trekking, and the comforting quietude.

Due to the perfect geographic setting the weather at the place is temperate throughout the year with mercury hardly exceeding 28 degree C even in summer. It is ideal for a visit yearlong. However, it is advisable to visit the place post monsoon. Heavy rainfall in monsoon not only cleanses the surrounding but it also fills up waterfalls, rivulets, and other waterbodies. If you want to get more details about traveling, resorts and theor destinations, visit this website:

In order to reach the hill station you have to reach Sohagpur, the nearest town and from there catch a taxi to Saputara village. The distance is about 17 k.m. and road is a little bumpy. However, the journey is worth as there is lush greenery on both side of the road and it is a pleasant experience. The nearest large airport is in Vadodara which is about 309 k.m. away. There is another one existing in Surat, 170 k.m. away but it has less frequency of flights. The nearest railway station in Saputara is Waghai railway station which is some 50 k.m. away. It has limited number of trains from other cities but is an efficient and budget friendly mode to get into the town.

Three significant places to see in and around Saputara:

Governor’s Hill – It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and popular for walks. One can also see the border separating Gujarat and Maharashtra from here. Other than that it is a well-known view-point offering panoramic views of the valley.

Artists’ Village – Developed specially with the purpose of improving tourism it is major sightseeing spot. Tourists come here to learn about the Dang culture, tribal history, and to buy interesting stone crafted items and artifacts. The place also exhibit the Warli paintings, a traditional tribal style of painting for which the place is widely known.

Pandava Gufa – It is a natural cave with immense mythological significance. It is said that during the era of Mahabharata Pandavas took shelter in the cave for a brief interval of time. If you are an adventure buff, this place is a must-visit. The road to the cave is through tribal villages. You can also visit this website to get more details about to north areas for adventures traveling.