Have You Ever Wanted to Get Closer to Nature?


We all love to go on big family holidays at the end of each year. A great holiday can relax and recharge us so that we are ready to face the rat race all over again. One of the problems is that many families just end up doing the same thing year after year because it is safe and familiar but a good holiday should also present new opportunities for learning and allow a person to see something special. If you are interested to learn more about spending time with friends and family, visit this dedicated website https://butlerdispatch.com/ for useful information.

A Different Kind of Holiday

If you’re the kind of family that loves to get out into the great outdoors so as to be closer to nature, it might be time for a different kind of experience. As Australians, we have the special privilege of being able to see up to 45 whale species in our Australian waters at various points around the coast. This means that we have the unique privilege of being able to see half of the world’s dolphin and whale species right in our own backyard!

If you’re a little tired of the same old holiday experiences and really want to see something different, whale watching might be for you. Specially designed whale watching Sydney boats are available for booking every year at those times when humpback whales, the gentle giants of the sea, swim up from their feeding grounds around Antarctica and up through the NSW coastal waters to QLD.

These whale watching boats are special because they allow passengers to view the surface behaviour of the whales from multiple decks that provide 360-degree views. For any photographers, this provides an immense opportunity to capture the regal beauty of the humpback whale in all of its natural glory! You can also visit this website https://capturedbloggingtips.com/ to get more information about entertainment.

Why See the Whales?

It may be more familiar to go out camping in the wilderness for a break from the rat race but how often does one get the chance to see pods of humpback whales gliding gracefully up the coast? A whale watching experiencing is great due to the following reasons:

  • Unique Whale Behaviour: While we don’t know as much as there is to know about whales and how they communicate with one another, there are a number of acrobatic sea surface behaviours that they often engage in including pectoral fin slapping, diving, tail slapping, breaching, and the spy hop. What better way to educate young children on the beauty of nature than to watch a pod of humpback whales conducting unique acrobatics?
  • Intimacy: If you have ever wanted to get closer to nature in general, seeing part of the annual humpback whale migration may make you feel closer than ever before. It’s a big, beautiful world out there and we are a part of it. Watching the whales in their natural habitat can make one feel at peace and close to the natural world.

If you are tired of going to the same places for end-of-year holidays, why not check out some whale watching packages in Sydney? The migration of humpback whales presents a unique opportunity for engagement, photography, videography, education, and getting close to the wonders of nature. Click here https://bestmemorykeepers.net/ to read in depth articles about entertainment.