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An article looking at how businesses can use gift wrapping and tissue packaging as an added service to their customers.

Little extras. Finishing touches. Unexpected bonuses. Whatever you want to call it, whenever a company does something a bit above and beyond your expectation of them, you’re always going to be pleased. As a retailer, it is well worth remembering that customers notice the little things as much as the big ones a bowl of sweets on the counter for the kids or a pleasant conversation with you as you serve them can leave them remembering you for all the right reasons. If you want to learn how to wrap gift boxes, wrapping paper, and bags, this website is perfect for you.

So when they pay for their goods, don’t just put them in a carrier bag and send them on their way. Delicate items in particular really benefit from being wrapped first in good quality tissue paper. If you are selling clothes, then folding and wrapping them properly can help them keep their shape and not crumple in the bag, while smaller and more breakable items need protection from damage. There are lots of wholesale tissue paper options, especially if you buy in bulk, that needn’t cost you much but will add to your customer’s shopping experience with you.

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Get gift wrapping

Many places now offer a gift-wrapping service and many customers are grateful not to have to wrap their own gifts at home. Consider if you can offer this for free, or if you need to make a small charge, but make sure that you are giving them good quality wrapping. You can get a range of beautiful luxury wholesale tissue paper in all kinds of colours and, especially if you are charging for the service, it is well worth the small investment. If you aren’t the best at wrapping gifts then you need to practise, practise, practise, ask friends and family to help or even see if any of your staff members are willing to do the task. Customers expect their gift wrapping to be beautifully presented, perfectly executed and to look pristine and appealing when it’s finished.

If you offer bags to your customers then there’s a good chance you have your logo, business name and company colours on there. And there’s no reason why you can’t extend this to your wrapping, too. Try using:

tissues in your corporate colours and make sure they are a perfect match to those on your logo a logo imprinted on your wrapping, as discreetly or loud as you like branded ribbons or tape to seal your packages. Click the website to know more about packing accessories for gift wrapping.

It might feel like an extra hassle, but once you have ordered plenty of tissue and ribbons or tape, then it will last you a long time and is fairly easy to reorder when you need some more. You make sure your goods and services are just perfect for your customers, so why not focus a little more on the final touches, to send your customers on their way thinking about what good service they’ve just received?

Want to learn more about wrapping ideas? Browse the website for further details. The site is filled with wrap ideas, tutorials, and inspiration for gift-wrapping parties or just because!