Ford EcoSport & Mahindra TUV300 Tough SUVs of India


Both Ford EcoSport and Mahindra TUV300 are SUVs for India, which seem to be made specifically to cater to the Indian demand for muscular looking SUVs. Mahindra Mahindra, the Indian automobile company has been specializing in manufacturing rugged SUVs, and the TUV, is thought to be even more sporty than the usual Mahindra vehicles, which is emphasized by the fact that T of TUV, stands for Tough. Ford, the American giant has also been successful with its SUV, the EcoSport, in India. You can also visit this website to get more details about the latest models of automobiles in the auto industry.

The TUV 300 has only a diesel engine, under its bonnet, like any other Mahindra vehicle, while the EcoSport is sold in both petrol and diesel variants. The TUV 300 has a far more powerful engine, with a displacement capacity of 2179 cc, compared to the EcoSport’s 1499 cc and as a result, there is a big difference in the power generated, as well, with the power of the Ford EcoSport at 112 PS and torque at 140 Nm, while the TUV generates 140 PS of power and a whopping 330 Nm of torque. The front and rear brakes of the TUV are disc brakes, while the same for the EcoSport are disc and drum brakes respectively. The mileage for the TUV is registered at 16 km/l, while the EcoSport’s mileage is registered at 18.88 km/l. The fuel tank capacity of the EcoSport is 52 liters, while the TUV boasts of a 70 liter fuel tank. If you are interested in learning about buying used or new cars and their maintenance, visit this website for further details.

The TUV is much bigger than the EcoSport, and the front, especially the radiator grille resembles that of the jeep. The EcoSport is sporty, though in a different manner. The last row of 2 seats in the TUV, has resulted in it having a boot space of 96 liters, while the EcoSport, as it is not encumbered by last row seats, has a massive boot capacity of 346 liters. The headlights of TUV and EcoSport are powerful, though the former has projector headlights and the latter has halogen headlights. TUV 300 is available with tinted windows, while the EcoSport does not have that option.

The TUV has power windows for the front and back, while the EcoSport has power windows only in the front. The TUV is also equipped with 2 airbags for the front passengers, while the EcoSport does not have this, in its base variant. The steering wheels of the EcoSport and TUV are leather covered, but there is a difference in the turning radius of both. The minimum turning radius of the EcoSport is 5.3 meters, while the TUV has a minimum turning radius of 5.6 meters. Click here to read in-depth articles about the latest models of autos and their spare parts.