Enhance your business output through targeted staff training

business staff training

For many of us, the phrase ‘staff training event’ strikes fear into the heart. Nowadays, staff training has become synonymous with ‘death by PowerPoint’. I mean, how many times do we need to know where our emergency exists are located? We sit next to them every single day! Are you more curious about growing your business? Visit this website https://matthewbourne.org/ for useful information.

My employer recently ran a 6-hour training session. Immediately I thought it would be a great opportunity to get away from the sales floor and get paid for a fraction of the work I would normally do. A full forty-five PowerPoint slides later I was begging for the sales floor again and reeling at the prospect of the health and safety video. You know, the one from 1989 that’s never been updated?

Well, training does not have to be like this and we need to make sure that such nightmarish training sessions end now! So, here are some areas to consider:

The interaction causes engagement:

Although it is informative, PowerPoint isn’t always the answer. Above all else, PowerPoint is a useful training tool and it should never be the focus of the session. Always consider computer programs to be tools to enhance the session rather than the focus of it.

Instead of this ‘death by PowerPoint’ technique, get your staff to engage with each other and make the session as interactive as possible. By making the session interactive, you force your employees to actively engage with the session, thus ensuring that they are paying attention and benefitting from the course. If you want to get detailed information about business management and marketing, visit this website https://soundandmotionmag.com/ for useful information.

Make it job-specific:

People often create one session and roll it out to the entire company. However, this is never the best strategy as different employees need to know different things in order to fulfill their roles.

For this reason, you need to specify your training in order to be job specific. Yes, you can broadly use the same information, but ensure that you tailor the information to the needs of the group.

Short and sweet does the trick:

People can only concentrate fully on the same task for a maximum of 20 minutes. For this reason, you should consider condensing your sessions for maximum impact and, if you need longer, consider spreading it out into two sessions.

Training is all about development and this includes developing yourself as a manager! For management training courses consider visiting developing people.

As soon as you’re trained you can roll out the training needs to the rest of your team. Remember, we all know what a bad session feels like, so don’t kill your team with PowerPoint! If you want to get more information about them, visit this website: https://new-politics.net/