5 Fashion Faux-Pas All Girls Should Teach Their Guys About


Over recent years, male fashion has not only grown and evolved quite considerably, but it has actually become more complicated and intricate than traditional female fashion. Some blame the age of metro-sexuality while others point the finger of blame squarely at the ever-accelerating hipster movement, but for whatever reason, there are so many guys out there who really do not seem to have any idea whether they are coming or going when it comes to their own fashion and style choices. Fashion can be termed as creativity for the people, visit this website https://www.todaynewsletter.net/ to get more updates about the latest fashion trends.

Needless to say, therefore, it often comes down to the women out there up with men in their lives to communicate exactly what does and does not work on their behalf. It’s no secret that men often need something of a gentle nudge in the right direction to make sensible decisions when it comes to their clothing choices, despite the fact that broaching the subject can in some instances be rather difficult.

So as far as the middle of 2015 goes, what would the experts say be the biggest male fashion faux-pas of the summer which are still being painfully perpetuated up and down the UK?

1 – Scarves in Summer

This is of course bound to be a sticking point for that neck-deep in their hipster ways, but just as has always been the case, wearing a scarf when it’s 35°C outside just doesn’t do anything for anyone. This year has seen a huge resurgence of guys who simply refuse to take off their fashionable scarves and neckwear regardless of the fact that they are clearly melting like a candle right in front of you. And just for the record, the same also goes for refusing to remove fashionable tweed jackets and blazers despite the fact that you are clearly about 1°C away from hyperthermia.

2 – Bear Chests in Public

Regardless of how hot the weather gets outside, there is a time and a place for a guy’s big hairy chest to be on display for all to see and it is most certainly NOT the local town center. In fact, it is pretty much safe to say that unless you are at the beach or taking a dip in a pool somewhere, it’s important to keep the chest covered. This applies to going shirtless and having way too many buttons opened alike – no way, no how, and no thanks! Click here https://www.city-news.org/ to get detailed information about fashion.

3 – Sunglasses Indoors

Next time you find yourself out with your man shopping for those playsuits you’ve had your eye on and he simply refuses to take his sunglasses off while indoors, feel free to snatch them off his head up and throw them in the nearest dustbin. Harsh indeed but it will at least get the point across to them that as far as blunders in the male fashion world go, there are few that are more infuriating or widely perpetuated than the wearing of sunglasses when sunglasses clearly are not needed. And the same also applies to women for that matter as unless you are in a heavy rock band or go by the name of Michael Kors, you cannot and will not get away with indoor sunglasses so don’t even try.

4 – Short Shorts

A quick one but an important one that nonetheless, 2015 has very much been the year of the very shortest of shorts. Now, if you are a girl that you have the legs to carry it off, it’s pretty much safe to say that there’s almost no such thing as too short. By contrast, if you’re a guy and for some reason have fallen into the habit of wearing shorts that are getting shorter and shorter all the time, you’re heading down a rather unfortunate path to say the least. Unless you are trying to look like some comedy tennis player from the seventies or eighties, overly short shorts and men simply do not go together.

5 – Dressing Too Young

And just to round things off on a rather controversial point, there is really nothing worse than a man in his mid to late thirties who still insists on dressing exactly the same as he did when he was 17. Now, this is of course a very tricky one to broach and isn’t the kind of subject most men take to with a great deal of joy, but if you can honestly say that the man in your life hasn’t changed his style or approach to dressing himself in as long as you can remember, it might be time for a word or two. Head out to a second-hand record store staffed by 42-year-olds with thinning hair who still dress as if it was their first day of college – suffice to say this is not where you want to find your own bloke heading in the near future. Fashion should be adopted in such a way that looks adorable on every person. Take a look at this website https://pindnews.com/ for further details.