4 Keys to Choose the Best Food for Your Dog or Cat

Food for pets

Choosing the best food for them is not easy. Lack of knowledge and complicated marketing campaigns of large companies make most the owners not see the differences between the different types of foods that can offer your dog or cat. If you want to learn more about healthy food for pets, visit this dedicated website https://tgdailynews.com/ for useful information.

There are 4 main criteria to evaluate the various options available to us:

1. Quality of Ingredients:

The manufacture of food for dogs and cats is born from the need of people to get rid of the waste generated by our food production. The big problem with these foods is based on a completely different law of food for human consumption. Animal feed ingredients include all spare parts factories’ human food such as bones, guts, hair, feathers, peeling or fruit pulp and vegetables, etc. All this is “recycled” and used as ingredients in pet food. So when on the packaging and in promotional information claims read as ” high-quality ingredients ” or even the word “flesh ” and not mean it is actually meat or selected especially for the food ingredients.

For all this, we must ensure that the brand you choose is packaged in a human food facility, ensuring it meets more stringent health requirements and that 100 % of the ingredients are fit for human consumption.

2. Treatment:

Heat kills the nutritional value of food. The processes used to process feed often use high temperatures, which makes the value of vitamins and proteins lost. That’s why, another point rating to choose the best food, it has been manufactured keeping as low a temperature as possible. This is the case of dehydrated food at low temperatures, which also regains its original appearance and properties to add water, bringing together another key to choosing the best food for our dogs and cats Features: Moisture. This website https://vnznews.com/ provides you with complete information regarding nutritional food and maintaining the temperature of your pet. 

3. Moisture:

The body of dogs and cats are designed to eat foods with a humidity of about 70%, which is the natural moisture of fresh foods. The feed is approximately 8% moisture, which makes them need to drink water constantly. This is a problem, especially for cats that do not have enough instinct to compensate for this lack of hydration. Fed continuously over a long period of time with dry food makes the animals are kept in a state of chronic mild dehydration, which causes stress on your body, especially in the renal system. Therefore it is important to provide our dogs and cats with diets containing moisture at the time of serving, which makes it to obtain all the water they need through food. So, just two days after starting to feed wet food, check how you no longer have the need to drink just water and urine is softer.

4. Rotation:

The perfect food there, each food has unique nutritional qualities. For example, fish meat has properties that do not have and vice versa. We ourselves never fully complete the foods we eat, but we supply our needs because we rotate meals. Every month we eat (or should do) pasta, rice, vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, so we leverage the nutritional qualities of each food. Dogs and cats work exactly the same: a varied diet that includes fresh foods in your daily meal is the best choice for your health and well-being. Go to this website https://www.gossipnewsline.com/ in order to acquire additional information regarding healthy food for your dog and cat.